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Hunting & Gun Dog Training

Teaching a person to speak dog is much easier than teaching a dog to speak person. At Sendero Retrievers, based in the Carson City area, we teach you everything to learn about your dog if you are willing to listen to them. We provide dog training for a new puppy or working gun dog. We also specialize in the training of retrievers and also work with several other breeds in the fields of obedience, potty, barking, boarding, whining, upland and waterfowl hunting, by using natural methods. It is vital to work on gaining your dog’s trust, showing them how to cooperate, and training them in a positive way. Together we’ll determine your goals and move forward from there. Guy works mostly with obedience and hunting dog training, but also breeds from time to time and provides custom built kennels for your dog.

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Meet The Retrievers At Sendero Retrievers

“Rebel” Labrador Retriever

Rebel loves the water maybe a little to much… Rebel is a fox red Labrador Retriever. He is the most energetic of the pack.

“Penny” Pitbull

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Penny has been learning from Rebel on what it takes to be a well behaved best friend.

“Cash” Labrador Retriever

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Cash is one of the hunting dogs that set a good example for newcomers at Sendero Retrievers.

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About Us

Guys Dog Training at Sendero Retrievers began in 2003, based in the Carson City area, has aimed to create a lasting bond between dogs and their owners. Every dog we see needs obedience training and traditional house manners, so we help our customers achieve that. We believe dogs have been trying to please us for centuries and that natural methods of training will elevate your dog to a well-mannered, working dog. The love that you have as an owner and enthusiasm we build into the training in these crucial moments will build cooperation for you and your dog and have lasting results. Rest assured that our passion is second to none. We handle one-on-one train the trainer, training simulations, and other specific cases depending on the requirements of your dog and lifestyle.

Our owner Guy started out hunting in the 1970s where he saw his first trained retreiver. Later as an an electrician, he could bring his dog to the construction site, and that developed a close bond that meshed perfectly with the natural training method found in many books of the day that focused on dog psychology, which worked wonders when they spent time together. Others took notice and started asking him for help training their dogs based on his history of success. Thus, our business was born. Give us a call today for more information on how we can help you have an effectively trained dog.

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